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Salt-Water Bivalve Molluscs – Oysters


Have you ever heard about oysters and how important they are to sea life? Oysters are those marine animals that play a crucial part in protecting sea life. They are the most important component of global ocean health. If you are new to the word oysters, let us help you understand about it in detail.

What are Oysters?

Oysters are bivalve mollusks that can be found in many of the world’s waters. They are economically valuable animals to humans because they offer a source of food and pearls, which are distinctive glittering things used in making jewelry and adornment for many different civilizations. Hence, they hold much importance in the jewelry world. Many other creatures love oysters because of their tasty, protein-rich meat.

These are animals that filter and clean the surrounding water of the ocean. They also provide habitat and food and perform many other jobs in the ocean. One of the reasons why they are considered a crucial part of the ocean. In some oceans, they act as barriers to storms and tides. It helps in preventing erosion.

How Did Oysters Begin?

Early humans cooked Oysters over an open fire because they, at that time, only possessed crude equipment. Due to lack of equipment, it wasn’t easy to open oysters to consume them uncooked. Oysters from the Mesolithic period show evidence of scorch marks from fire, leading archaeologists to conclude that they were cooked over a fire or hot stones until they opened up. Thus, research states that Oyster consumption most likely began after using fire by early humans. They were making it back to around 400 thousand years ago.

The Reason Behind Oyster’s Existence?

The biggest reason behind oysters’ existence is that it filters water. Oysters are known as the Chesapeake Bay’s vacuum cleaners. They filter water in such a way that it removes all organic and inorganic particles from the water column. Thus, resulting in cleaner water that benefits other species.

Oyster’s Connection with Sex:

Oysters contain a variety of nutrients that help in improving sexual wellness. Oysters are rich in nutrients. Among these nutrients comes zinc. Zinc helps in maintaining a healthy testosterone level and dopamine levels. Zinc increases the sperm count. It builds muscle strength and increases the male’s sexual potency.

Oysters comprise of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. These fats can help avoid erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow. They also help in assisting in the production of healthy sperms. They facilitate the secretion of dopamine, which is another hormone that heightens libido in men.

Some couples say who have already used it that it has increased semen quantity, virginal lubrication, and intense sexual experiences. Hence, research proves that oysters actually have an indirect connection with sex.

Top 3 Highly Convincing Reasons Why You Should Try Oysters

Have you ever tried oysters? If you were resisting trying it because of its appearance. Here are three great reasons why you should try it:

1. Oysters are Rich in Vitamin

Oysters are high in zinc, iron, copper, and various other vitamins, including the most essential, Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. It also helps in the generation of red blood cells. Furthermore, it maintains a healthy metabolism. Oysters act great when it comes to fantastic health and flavor. In addition to all the other essential nutrients they supply. Minerals like zinc and copper are thought to provide excellent health benefits, especially for women over 40.

2. Oysters Are Calorie and Fat-Free

Suppose you are someone who is very anxious about gaining calories. Then Oysters are the best thing you will ever try. It comes with very few calories; you will not gain much weight eating these. Oysters are ideal for maintaining your figure since they are high in key minerals and vitamins and are also really delicious. They’re also low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

3. Oysters Are Environment Friendly

Suppose you are afraid of eating these in this doubt that they may cause harm to the environment. Then there is no need to fear! These are the most ethical choice of food to have. They are very sustainable and beneficial to the surroundings when compared with all other seafood. The nutrients consumed by oysters are non like others. So it is a must-try food!

4 Best Places Where You Can Find The Best Oysters in The World?

Suppose you are looking out for oysters. Let us help you find the best ones in the most beautiful places in the world:

1. France

In France, you can find the best oysters named Speciales Gillardeau. These originated from the family of Gillardeau. You can find them in western France. These oysters go through four years of strict rules to get to a position where they are eatable.

2. New Zealand

Bluff oysters from New Zealand’s South Island are among the yummiest oysters you will ever try. The number of oysters collected has been from here is so watery. Every year, locals and visitors alike celebrate the Bluff Oyster Festival. These oysters are rich and delicious in flavors since they are in frigid temperatures. Furthermore, the deep depths of New Zealand’s southern seas add to the flavor.

3. Australia

Australia is known for its Sydney Rock Oysters. You can find these oysters in several locales, such as Shark Bay and the Wingan Inlet. Sydney Rock Oysters are pretty tiny in size. However, they are super soft and have a unique flavor that has a different scent compared to other oysters. The taste varies depending on where they were harvested. Hence, the roots from where they belong matter.

4. Ireland

Oysters play an essential part in Ireland’s culinary history. The country has its own oyster season. The season comes with different food festivals all around the country. If you love oysters and are a big fan of them, then Galway will be your home if you plan on visiting Ireland. You won’t regret making it a destination for your vacations. Ireland is a place full of oysters.

Final Thoughts

If you have never eaten Oysters before, then what are you waiting for. Oysters are the most delicious and healthy food. They provide you with the best nutrients. Not only are they a healthy food for humans, but also they play a major role in protecting sea life. Hence, must-try seafood!

Have you ever tried oysters? How was your experience?

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