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The Amabel Letters

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When Hayley purchases a refurbished dresser from a street market, the last thing she expects to find inside it is romantic adventure. A stack of love letters throws her into the story of Amabel and Joshan, a couple who seem to have met just ten years prior to her discovery.  Hayley stumbles deeper and deeper into the couple’s story, which features familiar cafes and restaurants in her home city of Toronto. But when the letters abruptly end with no resolution, she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to the couple who wrote them.

Determined to solve the heartbreaking mystery, Hayley enlists the help of her mom, her friends, and her dog, Tessy. As she discovers more and more about the couple within the letters, and what happened to them, Hayley faces no choice but to learn to open herself back up to her own, long-forgotten romantic storyline.

47 reviews for The Amabel Letters

  1. Isa Potvin

    It made me cry, several times, it made me think about my past relationships, my lost loves and who is important in my life, it made me think about my dog who I lost a few years back, how I miss her so much and still can’t find the courage to replace her. This story isn’t so much about the letters, as it is about Hayley, the woman who found the letters and the questions she asks herself and the answers that help her see things that she would never have. Prepare yourself because you will see yourself in this story, you will see your friends, your parents, and even your ex’s. Well worth reading and rediscovering what love can be.

  2. Matthew Wint

    It’s a fantastic story at its core, honestly a must read, for everyone who fell in love once or more times in their life, or about to be in love yet realize how beautiful things could be, before and after meeting anyone that will change our lives..thanks.

  3. Michelle Tran

    The story pulls you in, once you discover the letters, you become the main character and you are driven to find out how it will all end. The last few chapters hang onto you tightly, they don’t let go and everything is cleverly revealed by the last page. I loved this story.

  4. Christine Malinski

    An extremely powerful story of a young woman, career driven, and at a lost for relationships. She’s had enough as so many of us have in the past but then she discovers these letters, at first she questions if these letters are about a real couple, but by the end of the story she wants those letters to be her story. They could be her story or yours. The Amabel Letters is an emotional roller coster as Hayley, her friends, her very funny Mom and her adorable puppy Tessy experience so much in so little. This is Manuel’s first novel, I was shocked to read that, he has crafted a beautiful story and you can only imagine a lot of him is in this story. Thank you for writing this story and I hope you plan on writing other stories.

  5. Paulina

    This book moved me. It was beautiful and compelling. I’ll admit, I’m not an avid reader, but with this book I found myself whole heartedly invested from the very beginning! This is an absolute must read!

  6. Sofia

    This book made me laugh, made me cry and it even made me mad at points – I was so gripped by the end that I couldn’t stop reading, I wanted to find Amabel too!
    It may seem like a simple love story at a first sight, but The Amabel Letters is a perfectly thought novel, developed with a structure that fits very well the gentle, funny and moving tone of the story. There are so many elements in it that go beyond the story plot itself to make it beautiful as a whole (the letter format, the scenes that echo each other as a way of creating connection between characters, the amount of detail that has gone into describing the spaces…). You have to read till the end to understand some of these elements, but once you understand them, it really blows your mind.

  7. Sabastian Scalo (verified owner)

    I loved this book. Loved it!!!! Surprised that this is Manuel’s first book, I can’t wait to see what his follow up will be. I hope he is writing another, he better be. I feel like there is still more to his stories to be shared. Thank you so much for such a beautiful story.

  8. Taylor Pagniello

    Wow, Im not a huge reader but this book was so captivating, I couldnt put it down

  9. Danny Lukic

    This book was amazing, I am thoroughly impressed. Such a beautiful story – I highly reccomend!

  10. Maya D

    Intriguing and Captivating! Best two words to describe this book. Thank you Manny for writing such a beautiful love story.

  11. Sunny

    Absolutely gripping. The perfect story to escape into after a long day. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was so consumed by the letters I finished reading over a single weekend. Highly recommended read.

  12. Brandon Diehl

    This was one of those rare occasions for me, one that I found myself longing to dive back into the pages of this story. The pages practically turned themselves until I could reach the end. I can’t believe this is the author’s first book. Absolutely wonderful.

  13. Tricia

    I can’t remember the last time a novel had an impact on me that The Amabell letters. I fell in love with Haley the moment I started reading about the letters.

  14. shafique

    Wao! super excellent novel, yet I am reckoning how the writer’s first book could be that much impressive. let me share you my experience. Before starting to read I thought it would be boring because of letters, but as I started reading it touched me and I become curious to finish it within two days. After reading I felt that, writer has just written about me. Highly Recommended.

  15. Matthew

    I went into this book with really no expectations. It started off slow for me but it picked up very fast and then the pages started turning. The way it was brought together at the end was amazing. Great read!
    This book could easily be made into a movie and be great.

  16. Rose

    A beautiful, captivating story. I too am not an avid reader but I found myself lost in the pages and before I knew it I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book.

  17. Catejohn

    Wao! Despite the fact that this is an excellent work, I’m just never understand how the author’s first novel could be that good. The Amabel Letters is a well-crafted work with a structure that complements the story’s peaceful, humorous, and poignant tone. There are so many parts in it that make it lovely as a whole, even if they aren’t directly related to the storey narrative. This book and the main character, Hayley had an impact on me, I was her and her friends were so funny, especially Rylan. OMG her Mom was amazing, unfiltered and true, loved her, she’s my spirit. I was completely engrossed in this book right from the start! This is a book that everyone should read! Can’t wait to read what else Manuel writes, the follow up will be amazing. Thank you.

  18. Bela

    A beautifully crafted modern day tale encompassing two of the oldest and most common literary motifs of time and love. It has been said that a great literary piece is one in which several emotions are touched upon and felt; while, reading this story, I cried, I laughed, I grieved, I was excited and I was saddened while I rode the greatest roller coaster of emotions I have been on in a while. The story felt like a stroll down memory lane for me as I am sure many readers will feel the same. I am impressed that this is the author’s first written story, but I suspect it’s not his first story and won’t be his last.
    A true modern day masterpiece of love, hope and happiness in a world filled with so much uncertainty is exactly what everyone needs to read today.
    Congratulations Manny, on a job extremely well done. I am looking forward to the next one.

  19. Edmund Mussa

    This is the most romantic and beautiful book I have ever read. I have been touched deeply by the author’s lucid writing and the magnificent portray of love. I loved the way the letters reached to Hayley, through a dresser. One can form an image of the incredibly cute dog Tessy in the mind just by reading about Tessy. Hayley’s mom is so unfiltered as we all wish to be, she’s literally amazing spirit lady. I found Rylan, one of Hayley’s friend the most loveable. There’s love, romance, drama, suspense, fathomless twists. This book touched all my emotions, especially when Hayley unravels her own love story. The story is so awe inspiring and full of catch 22 situations. Quite the first masterpiece by Manuel. I’m sure the author’s books will be loved by many people and we will expect more from you. The beauty of this book is it’s unpredictable scenarios, we’ll what’s the fun when everything’s predictable? In a nutshell a reader won’t regret reading this book as it sweeps through all the Genres with finesse. Hence the reason for my 5 star rating.

  20. Claren

    This is the best book I have read in recent months. From the first page to the last, this book will take you on a whirlwind of emotions and leave you feeling so satisfied when it’s done. It’s a perfect summer read with adventure, romance, and love. It’s not often that you read of an ending as perfect as this, and I couldn’t help but give my five stars to it.

  21. Vaishali Pant

    I wish I was Hayley-the adventurous protagonist.A lovely romantic adventure. Through that adventure, she comes to know about the story of a lovely couple Amabel and Joshan. She dives herself deep into the story and eventually becomes a part of it, honestly I was excited to find out if and when their paths would cross. I love that so much of Toronto is featured.
    Made me cry more than once with the heartbreaking scenes that echoed some of my own past relationships. Hayley’s mom, was amazing, and Tessy, her dog, I wanted to find her and scrunch her face and kiss her wet nose. The author Manuel Neves has done a great job with the build of the story and the book is a must read. A highly recommend this book to everyone.!

  22. Jericho G

    Isn’t it wonderful when you come across a book that fully engrosses you, makes you fall in love with the characters, and forces you to sit on the edge of your seat for every terrifying, nail-biting moment? For me, this is one of those books. And I have to provide a strong content warning: Hayley’s story is addicting.

    Novelist Manuel Neves did a great job in bringing us a new twist to romantic stories, this time. Oh and as I said, if you have something to do first, do that before reading this as you won’t be able to put this book after starting to read it. I assure you, this book is that good.

  23. Elizabeth

    How classic the novel is!
    It drags the reader into the world of imagination, but at the same time the reader feels as they are being read in the story. This novel has various angles of love; at first Hayley hates love because of breakup, but at the same time she gets the love of her friends-Pina, Ali, Lizabeth and Rylan. Nice point I felt while reading, that Hayley hates love but at the other side she gets the sparking of love as well. Hayley again thinks of the lovers and starts searching within the letters with the help of her mother as well friends, and in the end she finds her love.
    A story that shows you love, laugh and hate at the same time. It touched me, as it was about me. Highly recommended.

  24. Josie

    This is the perfect rom-com novel. The characters were relatable and funny and the plot had me hooked from the beginning. It played out like a movie in my head and I couldn’t stop reading. The way the story all comes together at the end with its delightful twists was captivating. It’s a definite must read!

  25. Iyshwariya

    Absolutely breathtaking! I can’t believe this is the author’s first book. This is the perfect book for those who love to read a love story with adventures. The persuasive and narrating writing technique really helped me to dive into the book. I would say it’s an experience rather than calling this a book. Highly recommended!

  26. Akshi

    Absolutely breathtaking! Woah! Guys! This is a MUST READ book if you’re longing to read a rom-com story with adventures. The incredibly detailed narrating writing style really helped me to dive into the book. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. Hayley’s epiphany toward love is crystallized up to the point. Each and every character is written with great precision. I am really satisfied and glad that I invested my time in this book. The author made me feel the story right into my heart. Since it dragged me to the imagination I literally lived in a different world the whole time while reading this book. This storyline really helped me to open up myself and face the facts regarding my own relationships.
    One of the best rom-com stories I have ever read. Those plot twists are simply jaw-dropping. It’s so worth it! Can’t wait to see what the next book will be like.

  27. Stephanie

    Oh my god,This book was such a delight. I got chills so many times towards the end of the book. It blew my mind! This made me eager to look forward to read this author’s upcoming book, there must be another book being written as I type this. The plots of the story are wholly absorbing. The emotions between Hayley, her mom and the cutie Tessy are skillfully handled, and her friends shine some pretty bright relationship lights on Hayley. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t love this book.

  28. Nicky

    This is the ideal romantic comedy novel, At first Hayley detests love in light of the latest break up, and yet this round her friends Pina, Ali, Lizabeth and Rylan are quick to remind her of her own faults. Hayley again thinks about her past relationships while looking deep inside the letters, and in the end she doesn’t track down the couple, Amabel and Joshan, she rediscovers something within her. The story was appealing and interesting, so sweet and heartwarming and the many twists and connections from Hayley’s life and the letters had me snared all along. What a great story.

  29. Jona

    I loved this book! It made me so emotional and made me reflect on my own life. It’s so realistic that it makes you feel seen and heard. The Amabel Letters made me think a lot about my own life patterns and how to heal and move forward, to brake those old patterns and create new ones. It’s written so well that you get captivated by the book and become unable to put it down. It’s so refreshing to read books like this, very therapeutic. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to love book characters but with this one I had no trouble, I loved Hayley and was very much immersed in her story, it’s really her story, well hers and Tessy, such a cutie. Can’t wait to read more from Manuel. I was very impressed to see that this is his first novel.

  30. Ruthie P

    What an amazing read. I enjoyed this page turner from start to finish. The story-line was engaging and the characters are super relatable. It’s been quite some time since I’ve come across a well written love story that I wanted to read from cover to cover in one sitting. Hats off to the author. I am looking forward to what’s next from you!

  31. William

    How does a Canadian tradesman, with a Portuguese background write about relationships so well? I was hooked from the first page, that opening line, “Use the keys and release the heaviness on your heart.” I love that. At the end of the book the author hints at his follow up and I am already interested simply by the title, “Put Your Life On It”. You can only imagine he has so much more to share and so much more life to live. Well done Manny.

  32. Lisa Doorley

    You can tell a Man wrote this story, and I don’t mean that in a negative, it’s refreshing to hear his voice through all of the characters. He has written 18 beautiful chapters, mind you the 1st chapter feels more like a prologue as I could see the real story beginning with chapter two. What I love about the story are how the chapters feed off each other, the author didn’t need to leave the reader hanging at the end of each chapter. As the reader you wanted to find out where this motley crew was going to head to next. I must say, chapter 15 is by far my favourite, what happens and what is revealed left my heart in bliss. Thank you so much for writing a beautiful, honest, real, heart wrenching story.

  33. Alexandra P

    With so much going on in my life, with what’s been going on in the world the last 2 years, a good friend of mine gave me a copy. I was reluctant to even begin reading a love story, love stories don’t exist anymore, well not at least in my life. After weeks and weeks of coming home and seeing that black cover, the typewriter keys, that red ribbon and the wax seal, I finally opened the book and began to read. This author has seen love lives, the way the story is written, there is no way this story never did not happen. I honestly believe it happened and I hope he is a better person for it. This is a must read story.

  34. Elisa Suppa

    No expectations. Why not a more descriptive book design? 525 pages, who the hell has time for a 525 page love story? Chapter title such as Wedge, Desmo, and Construction Jazz, WTF. What’s really going on with this story? It’s incredibly funny how intrigued I was and I must say Manny didn’t disappoint. Who is this guy to think he can write a love story and write an incredible love story. He draws you in, he shares details like no other has, connections with music, motorcycles, and Mom to a love story that so many of us have experienced before but have blocked out the lessons attached, because we are love stupid. The author really opens your heart because you can feel he opened his. What a great story and I can’t wait till his next book, hurry up Manny.

  35. Mikaela

    I loved this story. This story needs to become a movie. These characters are so alive, they fly off the pages of this book and the cameras need to start rolling on them, capturing all of these amazing conversations. Everyone needs to discover the letters and once you discover the letters, you have to find Amabel but more importantly, you need to find yourself. The author gives you so many opportunities to look into the past to fulfil a future your heart has desperately wanted for so long. I loved this story.

  36. Ana Paloma

    Discover the letters, a friend suggested the book and that is all she said to me…discover the letters. She wasn’t kidding. It takes a few chapters to finally discover the letters and meet Amabel but once I did, I was along for the ride. It’s refreshing to read a few chapters about the cast of characters before arriving at the objective of the story, I felt like I was one of Hayley’s friends, I wanted to be her friend. I found myself actually talking to the pages, looking around my place, making sure no one heard me talking to myself. I didn’t care. I needed to find Amabel. Loved this book.

  37. Beatrice G

    This story must become a movie next. It reads so visually and I can already picture walking through this story, being side by side with Hayley and her Motley Crew especially Tessy. I am hoping that The Amabel Letters becomes a movie that I can see in a theatre one day, I would love that. That would complete the story for me. Please please please.

  38. Jennifer W

    I’l be honest, it started slowly, it takes a while to get to the letters…IMO. But once the letters were revealed the story flew by and I was sucked into searching for Amabel and Jo, I needed to find them too. Before I knew it, the story was over and I was….don’t want to giveaway too much. The beginning, honestly reminded me of those past stories that needed to build up and unlike most of the stories of today that are force-fed to us. By the end I was thrilled that I was given a chance to flip back and discover more and more details, the writer did his homework and connections like every relationship are so important. Hayley you are such a Queen and never forget that.

  39. Olivia Jameson

    Sure there is sex, there is lovemaking, there are playful actions, there is profanity, there is colourful situations and yet not once was I offended. I believed it all, it was all necessary, honest and very real. I could have been a fly on the wall and this was one story I refused to stop listening too. Most romance stories are written by women and with this one, you can tell it was a man that wrote it but you can also tell this man wasn’t afraid to write it, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear men speak this way. Oh…and Ry you can be my wingman any day. Thank you.

  40. Emma Sharpe

    I loved it. I’m reading it a 2nd time and I love it even more, not only discovering the letters yet again but discovering the many details the writer placed in each chapter, so much I missed the first time. This will be one book I revisit each year.

  41. Ava Mendes

    Ok…I loved this story but what I really want to know is the last page, where the author hints at his next book. I want to know more about “Put Your life On It”. I feel like it could be a continuation of The Amabel Letters, is it? I can already picture more of life’s questions being answered. When will that book be released? I can’t wait.

  42. Mia Wong

    I felt this book, it really connected with me. I felt for Amabel and Joshan. I could see why Hayley was so obsessed with finding them. I felt for Ali, Lizabeth and Pina and the relationships they currently had. I even felt for Rylan and his take on life and love. And I really felt for Mom. I just understood her on so many levels. And how could I not feel for Tessy, she’s the cutest of the bunch. This story grabbed me hard and didn’t let go.

  43. Kimberley

    MOVIE!!!! This story needs to be made into a movie, I already know who I want to see play each of the characters, even Tessy the cutest puppy of them all. Please make this into a movie.

  44. Sabina

    I’ll be honest, not the best written book, it’s his first, a few mistakes that upset the OCD in me, felt a bit long, but I will say this, I never stopped reading. The conversations between everyone were so real, pulled right out of my own life. The pacing was perfect, the transitions between scenes were perfect, and when I arrived at the end, I was pleasantly and genuinely happy. I even wanted to call an ex of mine, but I didn’t. The Amabel Letters hooks you, but it’s Hayley that hugs you like never before. Loved this story and the author teases us at the end about his next story. Very curious.

  45. Mary N

    It’s not that I liked it, I loved it. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story.

  46. Calvin D

    I must say this story brought back so many memories, what a trip. You can feel everything these characters are going through, with the connections to music, movies, family and love, and love for our little furry family members. I loved it. Thank you for a well written story.

  47. Ulli Kara

    I loved your first book. You are amazing in details. You made me want to explore Azores and mt Pico.
    Have you been to the summit?

    It’s a pity I discovered the playlist only I had finished reading. Would have liked to play music while reading. I don’t recall any other book with so much music.

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